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Safety Program

‘We protect you protect us’

– under this name, we announce our commitment to the new reality of COVID-19. It’s time to increase our responsibility to customers, employees and society because we feel that together we form a triple ‘heart’ and share the same ‘heartbeat’.

GF Hoteles wants to show our support for the environment, people and our organisation itself. We have a bond of collective responsibility that can be summarised in a guide of procedures to be followed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This guide was developed together with Preverisk, a world-class auditing company specialising in tourism services. In this document, we review our analysis processes for critical points, taking account of current knowledge from various official sources (WHO, PHE, CDD, ABTA, ICTE, etc.), in addition the knowledge and experience of Preverisk’s Panel of Experts.

The document adapts to the new measures drawn up by the relevant authorities, while always maintaining our commitment to sustainability and customer well-being. Any types of changes made will be communicated through the official channels in the chain.